Working on new generation investors
Institute of professional excellence was formed in April, 2017 with the vision of its two founder directors Shahid Al and Syed Najib ul Hasan. 

It aims to introduce new investors to Pakistani equity market by attracting them to PSX. Both the founders firmly  believe transformation of "Saving culture" to  the "equity culture" is the need of the time. Not enough work is being carried out in this regard. The institute will work towards developing a new generation investors with an aim of developing a new stream of entrepreneurs.

Partnership and joint certification initiatives
IPE initiatives, include partnerships (with Educational boards, universities ,other institutes, and also corporate sector) through specific courses on investment strategies, entrepreneurship and equity market.

The institute is working on its  upcoming courses as joint certification programs, with an aim to develop new market professionals, investors and entrepreneurs.

IPE will engage general public by conducting financial workshops, seminars, short courses and even by launching various comprehensive courses at universities which would serve  in MBA program as a major in Capital markets.

Bridging the gap between public and Capital market
IPE  will aggressively intensify its outreach and advertising programs directed at younger Pakistanis by  promoting financial literacy as a necessary life skill.

The main motivation to setup this institute was to fill up a huge vacuum  already exist between Pakistani financial markets and the new generation.

IPE aims to provide customised solutions for new potential investors and potential employees who are struggling  to enter Pakistani  Financial markets due to gap in their knowledge and skills, demanded in those markets.

Helping in Career Opportunities
We will not only educate and prepare our students to get advantage of financial markets as an investor or an employee (whatever way they pick and choose). But we will also extend our services to recommend successful students to employers looking for trained employees in PSX, CDC and brokerage houses. We are in contact with employers in PSX and we are in a very ideal and credible position to recommend our successful students on regular basis whenever any opportunity pops up in employment areas.

No need to mention our certification would also help our students besides direct recommendation.

Corporate Projects and Services
Besides, our educational endeavors mentioned as above we have a bunch of prestigious senior professionals who would engage with us in different corporate projects time to time depending on their area of expertise. So we are ever ready to serve corporate sector with projects of commercial value as a consultancy.

Upcoming Events
We are scheduling seminars and workshops to guide how to  be successful in Pakistani equity market as an investor. Soon we will start updating future events for our viewers too.

There are few more projects in pipeline and we will update each of them in appropriate time As currently we need to comply with constraint of confidentiality issues with our clients.

Keep visiting this site in future. We will come up with surprises for you.

Shahid Ali and Syed Hasan