Managing Risk in my Trading

June 7th, 2017 | By Syed Hasan | Posted In Blog, Forex, Pakistani equity market

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I generally  follow trend while entering into trade. Positioning in the opposite direction of the market is just like a clear suicide. I never fight with momentum. I must simply quit from trades by making early exit that don’t go my way immediately as close to break-even as possible (or in worst scenario Stop loss must not exceed with 50 paisa).

In doing so, I must never worry about the broker fees on break-even trades. My good trades must move my way in the first few minutes or even more quick time. When trades don’t act right in the first minute, most of them will hit my capital involved in that trade.

My short term position even in seconds and minutes always enables me not to lock myself if trend has changed and I ensure I am already not committed and stuck. So I can always ride on next opportunity no matter short or long. By following ups and downs daily as a short term trader I am able to use the same funds thousands times more, when compared with an investor.

I never hold any open positions overnight that helps me to avoid overnight exposure. I always keep my trade size of 500-2000 shares and strictly follow one trade policy at on given time.nugget 1

Losses are a part of trading business. The key to trading success is to limit my losses (50 PAISA = STOPLOSS). My major concern is limiting losses. I care more about this than anything else in trading. If I never take large losses I will ensure to keep in business and small losses can always be covered by coming trades.

I can be RIGHT more often than I am WRONG and still lose money? With limited risk, I can be WRONG more often than I am RIGHT, and still make money.

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