Institute of professional excellence

"Institute of professional excellence being a partner in nation building acknowledges its noble duty towards the society to educate new stream of investors and professionals in the capital market"


Our Mission
To take a leadership role in providing  value to business world and education sector by creating a new generation of investors and professionals in capital market.

Our Vision
1. To serve our community and society by adding value in our courses with research, and innovative work that adheres to a blend of industry based competency with academic content.

2. To follow our set  "Standards of financial literacy" in all our courses to ensure quality and a structured approach.

Business model
We create value with high quality courses much needed in the capital market at different levels. We  offer our training and courses in partnership with corporate sectors, universities and other institutes who are seeking to increase employability skills in their students together with academic value.

Our Strategy
To provide competency based training for professionals, investors and entrepreneurs by means of publicly accessible credentialing programs for establishing industry specific excellence.

To work with corporate sector as a partner or consultant in projects with commercial value related to capital market. To build up community and deliver to all members the value that would provide them an edge to to excel with confidence in capital market.

Our Core Values
To provide quality and value for money with highest professional integrity and confidentiality to all clients, students and related entities.