Shahid Ali

Mr. Ali is a commerce graduate and an associate member of ICMAP since 1990. He started his carrier as banker at UBL in 1974. Before joining Pakistan Capital Market in 1991 he also worked as head of costing department in leather and textile garments industries.

He had worked at top management positions at local as well as international equity broking firms those includes W. I. Carr (Far East), J. P. Morgan Chass (formerly Jardine Flemings Pakistan, Orix Investment Bank Al Hoqani Securities and Investment Corporation, Habib Metropolitan Financial Services and BIPL Securities (formerly KASB Sec. Ltd). He was CEO of last four companies mentioned as above.

He is among few pioneers in 1991 who took the corporate brokerage house culture in K.S.E to next level by establishing 8 different corporate brokerage houses, most of them with foreign Joint ventures, after foreigners being allowed to enter in Pakistan equity markets.


Najib Ul-Hasan

He is an international business coach and qualified from University of Canberra, Australia and Australian Employment Inc. Author of dozen of e-books and 6 courses related to various business management topics. He has an extensive corporate exposure at top management level in Australia and Pakistan. His passion is Forex and stock trading, coaching, and consultancy, all with great success throughout.

Also done 6 professional courses from I.CM.A. In his earlier times, he became a double graduate from University of Karachi in Commerce and Arts faculty.

Australia (2001-2016) Director in Tall Trees Motel, Project Director in Aus Pak Soft Solutions pty Ltd, Senior Manager Operations in Cybos pty Ltd In his last 5 years in Australia he started working as business coach, consultant and mentor for entrepreneurs for both online and offline business models, in Australia and worldwide and was successful in his coaching venture.

Pakistan (1987- 2000) Head of Settlements in ING Barings, Deputy Manager in ISL, Production director in Jawad Garments, Financial controller in Pakistan Wire Industries, Cost Accountant in B.P Food Industries.

He had a unique experience of  setting up ING Barings entire systems and training stock office staff from scratch and running the stock office operations successfully. Also he contributed  in the event of its winding up. He had similar experience in ISL (a JV with Smith New Court, Hongkong that was a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch) for starting the stock office operations from scratch and running that successfully.